About Us

Our model is simple. With the support of the world’s leading OEMs, CMs and Resellers, Trimicrodata.com is able to offer the Server Enterprise value that is unseen in the marketplace.

We have perfected our processes by conducting hundreds of surveys to find out what really helps our clients and how we can make that possible for every transaction. Our selection, service, and quality are better by years of technology experience. Trimicrodata best place to find the brands you trust, such as HP, Dell, Toshiba, Seagate, Microsoft and Cisco, for less. With thousands of products available on our site, we have the enterprise parts you need to handle mission critical applications.

We offer the best in class service when it comes to the basics like:

Our process is proven successful with over 300,000 orders processed and 1000s of return customers. We invite you to experience the difference with Tricmicrodata.com. If you’re not sure a model will work in your server/system, give us a call. We have shipped branded and compatible drives for every system out there. Our main offices are based in the Orlando, Florida area, a center for computer research, technology development, and IT industry. Our local team is knowledgeable in PC and server compatibilities.

Trimicrodata.com is also a a proud contributor of Google Shopping. To help shoppers identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience, Google Shopping only accepts stores that are trustworthy and meet strict critera. With Trimicrodata's flawless record, great customer service, and easy return policy, Google was quick to approve and list Trimicrodata's products on their platform.

From integrators purchasing hundreds of 6TB drives for the cloud, to IT managers needing a few drives next day, we service all types of clients all over the world with same day shipping - you can be confident you will receive the solution you need for a fraction of the price.